Patient Vault API


This API will help you connect to the Patient Vault 2.0 API. The API is a REST API which you can connect thru HTTP verbs.

The following links will help you get started with the PatientVault API:

ProductVersionAPI DocumentationTerms of service
Patient Vault Portal2.0http://docs.patientvault.apiary.ioAPI Terms of Service Agreement

Configuration and Browsers

The following are the endpoint URLS:


  • Any browser can be used to connect to the API since it uses simple HTTP verbs for communication.

Security on Endpoints

To connect to the Patient Vault API you will need to connect via SSL using the HTTPS endpoint only.

Credentials for the API

The portal requires the following credentials to work

API KeyAn API Key provided to you as a developer/company
DEV KeyA developer key provided to your application
User Name / PasswordThese are the portal credentials for the user / patient accessing the portal

These credentials are provided on the API headers. They are automatically added in the nuget package upon configuration

Getting your API keys

To use the Patient Vault API as a developer you will need an API key and a DEV key. The keys are free and you can obtain them by emailing

Testing the API and API Clients

You can use POSTMAN to test the API by importing the collection below. Once you have tested you can use any programming language to connect to the API via HTTP.

Postman ScreenshotPostman Collection


  1. Can date range parameters can be used on each of these categories?
    1. Yes, you can specify a specific category and include the date range, on a category where it there are dates involved, the API will filter by the dates provided.