NeoMed EHR posts encounter visits to Patient Vault patient portal and, in turn, Patient Vault populates the FHIR Server using CCDA files. The files meet 2015 Edition CURES ONC Certified HL7 CCD Summary of Care C-CDA version 2.1 specifications. They also include US Core Resources for Interoperability Version 1 (USCDIv1) data elements.

Patient Vault API documentation is available on this site. NeoDeck Holdings has adopted Dynamic Health IT (DHIT) ConnectEHR +BulkFHIR (CHPL Id version FHIR4-B and implemented the Dynamic FHIR API server in order to meet 170.315 (g)(10) Standardized API for patient and population services certification criterion.

DHIT Dynamic FHIR API publicly accessible documentation includes Terms of Use and technical information such as :

  • API syntax;

  • function names;

  • required and optional parameters and their data types;

  • return variables and their types/structures;

  • exceptions and exception handling methods and their returns;

  • mandatory software components and configurations; and

  • technical requirements and attributes necessary for registration.